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The PB&J Strategy Workbook

Motivational speeches and books can be great "pick-me-ups". An aspiration for change. However, oftentimes that dissipates a few days after the seminar or the good read. As a business owner, I find the most successful people need to turn inspiration into action and implement what was learned. Otherwise, it was just the “remember when” seminar or book. 


 As a businessperson I want to see our people be empowered and succeed in accomplishing their goals. I want the same thing for you.


 The PB&J Strategy is a roadmap for real, effective action. So, the workbook makes you sink your teeth into change. It puts words into action. The PB&J Strategy workbook contains ten sets of exercises. Each exercise has approximately 3 action plans for a total of 30 action plans in all. 

The purpose and goal of the PB&J Strategy is to assist you and/or your organization with the potential you already have within you. The workbook challenges you to answer questions you were looking for when you decided to read the book. Some questions will get you out of your comfort zone but if you answer honestly and thoughtfully and follow the PB&J directions, they will lead you on the path to implementation.  And that will bring success!

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